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Achieving high energy efficient housing

Developed in Germany, Passivhaus is now a worldwide recognised standard for extremely energy efficient homes.

Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) is ideal for helping projects achieve Passivhaus standards thanks to it’s many thermal benefits.

What is Passivhaus?

What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is a low energy design standard that provides exceptionally comfortable buildings with minimum carbon emissions, developed in Germany by physicist Wolfgang Feist.

Key Characteristics

  • Excellent thermal comfort
  • Very low energy demand
  • Consistent fresh air throughout the building
  • High levels of insulation
  • Air tight design eliminating draughts
  • Minimal thermal loss through bridging

The UK building regulations are now following a similar path to the Passivhaus approach and the notional U value for walls of 0.18 W/mK is not that far above the maximum Passivhaus value of 0.15 W/mK. To achieve the Passivhaus standard the thickness of the External Wall Insulation required must increase from the 40mm, required to meet the Building Regs, up to 70mm and can be supplied by Polysteel.


ICF Construction

If you are looking to use ICF on your next project but need more detailed information before you start, give us a call.