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FAQs: ICF Cost

Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) costs between £55 and £70 /m2 depending on the size of the order

The costs per m2 are shown in the table below (dated January 2022).

ICF finished with brick slips will cost about the same as bricks but ICF finished with render is a lot cheaper and will take a lot less time.

Find out more about the differences between ICF, Timber Frame and Cavity Walls.

The cost of the raw materials is higher with ICF however the project budget is significantly reduced in labour costs and time spent on site.

With Polybloks, no specialist training or installers are required as our ICF is simple and easy to install. With the installation information we provide an experienced builder will be able to install the ICF walls and have the roof on within 3 weeks of placing the order.

ICF Construction

Call us if you need more detailed information for your ICF project, browse our technical library and FAQs for construction details using Polybloks.