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Structural Design Services

Polysteel will act as your Structural Engineer

Concept Design.

Benefit from ICF’s unique structural advantages.


ICF has unique properties that can be used to provide very economic structural solutions for many different purposes.


Projects involving unusual structures or specialised solutions (i.e. agricultural or industrial buildings) would be able to maximise the benefits of using ICF by leaning on our 20+ years’ of experience in designing and managing ICF projects.


If you would like to send in your project details, we will provide a Proposal to develop the Concept Design. If approved, we would then provide a detailed Cost Estimate and Quote for the supply of ICF PolyBloks required.


In most scenarios, a fee will not be required to provide a Concept Design. However, when the project is complex we will provide a very competitive fixed fee quote based on the information provided to complete a Concept Design.

Industrial Units
Manufacturing areas and Process tanks
Swimming pools and spas
Cantilevers (ICF is very suitable for visually striking examples)
Complex Roof Shapes
Avoiding Expensive Piled Foundations
Building Over Public Sewers
Agricultural Units and Stable Blocks

Structural Layout Design.


It is always necessary to have Building Regulation Approval once you obtain planning permission and have decided to go ahead with the project. We provide Structural Design Services that will:


Your design will be provided alongside a folio including:

  1. Interpretation of the Site Investigation Report and preparation of appropriate foundation details including any reinforcement and bar schedule. If the Site Investigation is required, we will source the quotes and manage the SI Contract.
  2. Fully dimensioned plans and sections of all the primary structural elements of the project, including floor levels.
  3. Recommended concrete pour sequence in 3D views.
  4. Floor Layout Design of trusses / beam & block etc. and ground floor insulation.
  5. Connection Details for the wall / floor and wall / roof junctions to ensure stability of the ICF walls.
  6. Recommended sill and head levels for windows and doors and the reinforcement required for the lintels. This will minimise the amount of cutting and hence reduce wastage.
  7. Liaison with NHBC or any other Structural Warranty provider.

The standard fee for the Structural Design Service is 7% of the quoted cost of the ICF for the Project with a minimum charge of £500. This charge also applies to the structural design of swimming pools and retaining walls including reinforcement details and bar schedules for reinforcement purchase.

ICF Construction

Call us if you need more detailed information for your ICF project, browse our technical library and FAQs for construction details using Polybloks.