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Swimming Pools

Indoor & Outdoor Pools & Pool Halls

ICF Pools Are Built To Last.

The Polybloks are very light and easy to handle and the pool walls can be built in a few days when the concrete is pumped into them from the road using a concrete pump that can be used to pump concrete from the road over the house into the back garden.

Polybloks are ideal to use for a basement, pool and pool hall walls as they are such a cost effective way of building insulated retaining walls below ground and because structural frames are not required.


Polybloks are the best ICF to use because of the steel ties and the stability of the blocks when being filled with concrete.

The rigidity of the ICF concrete box formed by the pool walls eliminates the risk of structural failure caused by any type of foundation movement

The Polybloks can be delivered to site in a few days and the pool walls installed and filled with concrete in a week or so.

Polybloks are the quickest and easiest way to build pool tanks because they are very light (unlike 20kg concrete blocks) and can be built using unskilled labour.

And a heavy reinforced concrete base slab is simply not required

Rendered concrete block pool walls will take at least 3 months to build because of the drying times of the mortar and render

It is very easy to install the “Through the Wall” equipment using a Stanley knife and a tube of adhesive foam

The concrete is cured in ideal circumstances that increases the density and strength and reduces the icracks that cause leaks

An outdoor Polyblok pool with a premium quality liner and a cover will last for 20 years before a new liner is needed and the structure for ever! A fibreglass pool will last about half as long if you are lucky and start to lose the sheen on the fibreglass walls within 5 years.


Bluepools Ltd, the sister company of Polysteel (UK) Ltd. has used ICF forms to build swimming pools for 12 years in France and in the UK since 2013.

As swimming pool engineers, Bluepools has in depth knowledge and experience of using ICF to build indoor and outdoor pools as well as pool halls. You may be considering a panel pool kit – you will find that pool panel kits are very difficult to install, will last about 10 years at most and are very, very likely to collapse if they ever need to be emptied.

Just send an enquiry and we will provide a quote for the Polybloks that will include comprehensive installation instructions. We can also quote for any Pool Equipment that you may require.

ICF Construction

Call us if you need more detailed information for your ICF project, browse our technical library and FAQs for construction details using Polybloks.