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Commercial Building Projects

ICF can be used in blocks of flats or large scale commercial buildings

Multi-Storey Buildings.

This is the Orion building at Lumino Park, Calgary in Canada. It’s a very large block of 135 flats constructed with SuperForm, an ICF supplier based in Canada. This is a good example of the potential scope that ICF has in the UK.

It is an 18-story highrise that received the Green Built platinum rating and uses 80% less energy than a traditional highrise building


Mixed Use Multi-Storey Buildings.

This is the Chesapeake Village Center in Stevensville, Maryland. It consists of two buildings, one of 18,000 square feet and the other of 21,000 square feet.

They each have four stories of mixed use with office space on the first floor and apartment homes on the upper floors.

ICF Construction

Call us if you need more detailed information for your ICF project, browse our technical library and FAQs for construction details using Polybloks.