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Litecast & Moulded Foams

Polysteel has teamed up with Litecast and Moulded Foams to provide structural floors and insulated ground floors to clients.

The entire dwelling structure up to eaves can be included in one integrated package of insulation and concrete structure.


1. Beam & Block Floors

Litecast Homefloors manufacture beam and block floors using pre-stressed concrete beams in 150mm and 225mm sizes and are to be used in conjunction with concrete infill blocks (sourced from others). Beam and block flooring has a multitude of uses, ranging from domestic solutions to commercial use. In fact, 80% of all domestic ground floors in the UK now utilise a suspended precast concrete floor solution, beam and block flooring can also be utilised at upper floor levels. 

2. Lightweight

Lite cast’s 150mm beams are the lightest beams on the market, making installation efficient and manageable; because of their weight, the beams also make a great alternative to timber joists at first floor levels. Litecast Ltd manufactures beams in 25mm increments, thus reducing the need for cutting on site.

3. High Loading & Larger Span

Lite cast’s 225mm beams can support high loadings and achieve much larger spans than the 150mm deep beams. These beams are best utilised in situations where there are high imposed and dead loads i.e. commercial and industrial projects. As with the 150mm beams, the 225mm beams are manufactured in 25mm increments to suit your projects needs.­

Moulded Foams.

1. Gdeck & Tdeck

The Thermal Gdeck and Tdeck Panels are moulded from lightweight closed cell expanded polystyrene (EPS) and are designed to suit existing pre-stressed beam profiles. Tdeck insulates below the beam and the new patent protected Gdeck above the beam system is available.

2. Higher Insulation

They are used in place of standard building blocks between the floor beams and as the insulation value is more than three times better than even the most efficient lightweight thermal block, no further insulation is required in the floor structure. The panels are very easy to handle and their design facilitates quick, easy installation.

3. Low U-Values

The panels in conjunction with pre-stressed concrete beams provide excellent insulation properties, with ‘U’ values of 0.08W/m2K or less being achievable, dependent on floor area and perimeter of the dwelling.

Insulated Flooring System.

The Result

Incorporating Litecast and Moulded Foams flooring systems into your ICF project design will produce even higher U-Value efficiency. The Psi STRIP is used to prevent cold bridges around the floor perimeter between the screed and the walls.

See construction details for more information on building with Polybloks.

ICF Construction

Call us if you need more detailed information for your ICF project, browse our technical library and FAQs for construction details using Polybloks.