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About PolySteel

Company Information.

Company History.

American PolySteel was the first company to manufacture ICF forms in North America and was established in 1978. The company traces its roots back to Werner Gregori, the Canadian who was issued the first patent for insulating concrete forms in 1966.

It was called Polysteel because, as the name implies, it is made with polystyrene and steel. Not to be confused with all the other ICF forms that use polypropylene ties.

Polysteel (UK) Ltd was founded in the Great Britain in 2008 and has been supplying this unique type of ICF to the UK building industry since then. The UK ICF market has seen slow but steady growth since 2008 and currently holds about 2% of the total UK housebuilding market – equivalent to about 4,000 dwellings /year.

Recent Takeover.

In 2022, Polysteel was taken over by new management. The new team is led by Will Witt who has been a practising Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer for over 50 years.

Will is a director at Bluepools where for the last 20 years, they have been using ICF blocks to design and build complex Pool & Pool Hall projects. Bluepools provides highly detailed design folios for pool projects using ICF as well as training and support for the clients/builders who have never used ICF before.

Meet The Team.

ICF Construction

Call us if you need more detailed information for your ICF project, browse our technical library and FAQs for construction details using Polybloks.