The very heart of your home is its walls, get your super insulated home to work for you!

An energy efficient building system.

Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) is an energy efficient building system.  A fabric first construction method creating strong insulated walls for new homes and extensions.

Faster, smarter building

Introducing WARMERWALL ICF, manufactured by PolySteel UK, which is one of the leading insulated concrete formwork block brands in the UK.  

What is Warmerwall ICF?

WARMERWALL ICF, manufactured by PolySteel, is one of the leading pre-insulated building block brands within the Insulated Concrete Formwork market in the UK.

The insulated concrete formwork (ICF) approach provides self-builders, architects, design professionals and building contractors the opportunity to create buildings which are stronger, quieter and more energy efficient than standard traditional construction.

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Why Build with Warmerwall Insulated Concrete Formwork?

The MAGIC is in the WALL

Building your home with WARMERWALL Insulated Concrete Formwork blocks provides you and the environment real value.

Homes that are built using WARMERWALL ICF blocks are easy to construct, stronger, warmer, quieter, cleaner, greener and represent excellent value for you and your family. 

We also offer excellent customer support. 

Why choose anything else?


Build Speed

It is possible to build up to 5m2 of wall area per person hour.


Solid walls providing a whisper quiet interior (50dB normal).

ICF Form Size

Each Warmerwall icf block laid covers 0.72 square metres of wall area.

Safety on site

Our Warmerwall build system offers safer and lighter on site handling as each icf block only weighs 6kg each.


A Warmerwall ICF wall strength is generally 30N standard.

Strong Wall

The concrete provides the basis for a high mass super strong wall which is typically four times stronger than a concrete block or brick wall​


Enhanced air tightness making the inside almost draught free. Enhanced air tightness making the inside almost draught free

UK Manufactured

Our icf block is manufactured near Newport, South Wales. Our blocks are delivered directly to clients building sites throughout the UK.

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Build an energy efficient building with our pre insulated building block WARMERWALL


Warmerwall ICF blocks are manufactured by PolySteel UK Ltd.  PolySteel is a member of the Insulating Concrete Formwork Association (ICFA).  Membership of this organisation means that we keep up to date with the latest building information as well as ensuring that we operate to the highest standards of  quality service.  Find out more by visiting the ICFA website.