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Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF)

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) by PolySteel WARMERWALL is probably the most energy efficient building block you can use to build the walls of homes, apartments, hotels, commercial units, property extensions, basements, pools also ideal for strip foundations and retaining walls.

Building contractors will find our method ideal for providing the latest “Thermal Storage” homes and commercial buildings such as schools or hospitals.

Self-builders can live their dream by building with WARMERWALL blocks to enjoy a highly insulated home with year round cosy draught free comfort with whisper quiet interior that will continually reward you with some of the lowest heating costs around.

The WARMERWALL blocks made of a building grade flame retardant type of expanded polystyrene are quick and easy to construct, fitting together with a simple tongue and groove design. The blocks interlock to form the walls into which special strong mix of concrete is poured. Once the concrete has cured the wall will have a strength typically four times stronger than a wall built of high density concrete blocks or bricks. There is no need for additional insulation in most cases and the blocks also have unique steel fixing strips embedded into the insulation every 150mm vertically as a fixing method for interior and exterior cladding, cupboards, radiators etc.

Main Benefits of PolySteel Warmerwall include:

  • Possible to build up to 5m² of wall area per man hour
  • Safer, lighter on site handling
  • Each WARMERWALL block form weighs 6kg and covers 0.72m² of wall area
  • A high mass super strong wall which is typically four times stronger than a concrete block or brick wall
  • A PolySteel wall strength is generally 30N standard
  • Suitable for Basements, Substructures, Superstructures and Pools
  • Enhanced air tightness making the inside almost draught free
  • Less than 3 m³/h.m² air changes per hour usually achieved
  • Solid walls providing a whisper quiet interior (50dB normal)
  • Fire rating of up to 3 hours
  • Easier and quicker 1st and 2nd fix for follow on trades, providing continued labour savings
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Quick delivery times

There are many more benefits of using PolySteel WARMERWALL whether for a residential or commercial project. Start the discussion today and contact one of the PolySteel team to discuss your specific requirements.

We also have developed and built up a list of contacts within the building trade which we can assist in putting you in contact with. These include groundworkers, specialist waterproofing companies, roofers, specialist ICF wall installers, architects, engineers, high energy performing window suppliers, renewable energy products and various other services. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements further.

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