BBA Certified

BBA - The British Board of Agrément (BBA) was asked to carry out the assessment and certification process of Polysteel UK - Insulating Concrete Formwork product range. BBA was chosen to confirm that PolySteel UK produces a quality product and provides its customers the confidence to know that the quality standard for the PolySteel products will maintain a measured quality at all times.

Assessment is an on-going process and BBA continually checks the quality meets the required quality standard which has been approved in the quality document.

Paul Boyce, Managing Director of PolySteel said “we went way beyond the normal specifications for ICF to show just how robust – and flexible – the system is. The tests applied to PolySteel were some of the hardest yet for an ICF and we believe we have set new standards for this type of construction method, opening the way to the system being adopted by more contractors across the country”

He added “more recently, test walls have been constructed with PolySteel’s multi dimensional form, Poly-pro, which features a plastic tie insert. These were built across the range of widths available and concrete was successfully poured to a height of 3.6m (12ft). We demonstrated that these have the capacity to have a central core from 4 inches to a full two feet in width – the widest forms ever poured from this height and expect BRE certification for Poly-pro to be received very soon.”

The insulated concrete industry in the UK will benefit from the prestige of this B.B.A certification process.