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NEWS 22/01/2013

Given the present market conditions in the construction industry brought on by stricter planning control and the triple dip recession bringing with it a general squeeze on credit, customers are understandably demanding more BANG for their buck.

Warmerwall supply PolySteel Insulating Concrete Formwork (approved for mortgage purposes by the council of mortgage lenders) and are enjoying a mini boom in sales brought on by all of the above and at the request of some shrewd, forward looking developers who are using this build method to give greater scope to their existing operation. The system is ideal for substructures, basements, pools, and superstructures and dovetails very easily with other building methods be it brick, block, timber, steel or glass.

The overall impact on your business would be to provide a greater range of affordable possibilities to your customers in particular basements to provide more living space on the same size site with fewer problems as far as planning is concerned.

What does it hurt to have a look and weigh it up for yourself? Call us and we will be happy to send over a simple guide. The guide requires the area of wall in square metres entered (just one number) to give an indicative cost in less than 5 seconds.

See our website for more details

Or call 01242 692335 where our team will be delighted to discuss your project.

Government proposed changes to permitted development rights for extensions to domestic properties

Polysteel Warmerwall offers the ideal solution to form the walls to your extension. See the attached link to view the proposals made today by the Government to increase the area of extension allowed under permitted development rights
Homes can be extended without planning permission

Forecasted £160 per year to heat 100m2 Semi Detached Property

The first of three houses built from standard PolySteel WARMERWALL has come through with flying colours for energy use, keeping the bills down for the young and delighted home owner couple.

This semi-detached house has a full basement of 33.3m² floor area a ground floor and a first floor of the same floor area making 100m² of floor area all together.

The gas usage for hot water and heating (standard combination boiler and rad system) is 43p per day (10.9kwh at 3.93p/kwh). This suggests the heating is less than 39kwh/m/a. ((10.9 x 365)/100)

The electric usage is 115p per day (8.5kwh at 13.5p/kwh).

The electric and gas added amounts to just £1.58 per day.

The recorded use of the energy has been by actual readings from the meters between April 2012 and July 2012. The happy couple work from their home office.