PolySteel's Corporate Responsibility

With Corporate Responsibility, We feel that it is important to be as transparent as possible with our service, what we can do and what we can't and what the costs are. We would be naive if we thought that this did not affect the other parts of people's lives.

As a company, we are keen to ensure we are giving back to the community. We have recently entered into a support arrangement with a brass Youth Band to provide a platform for teenagers to develop their skills within their choosen musical instrument as well as provide opportunities for these individuals to take part in concert. Youth Band Information

The first time self build developers who are perhaps inexperienced with what to look out for and how much things are likely to cost. We will provide speedy answers to the many questions that will help them to make appropriate comparisons with other building methods or systems at those very important early stages of a project. We can help with estimating the costs even if design changes occur and our considerable experience allows us to put forward many other trades that are necessary to complete the particular project in a smooth timely manner.

Experienced developers who are perhaps reluctant to change their building method but also realise that change is necessary to meet ever increasing standards and regulations. The delivery of projects or homes on time and to a high standard of finish will ensure the continued success of experienced developers. Success upon which trust between them and the end user and reputation with associated clients and organisations are so very dependant. We promise to provide a first rate service that will make the transition to this new building method as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Homes for the community schemes. The success of these schemes depend upon being able to provide homes that meet and possibly exceed the standards required as quickly as possible and in the most cost effective way. PolySteel believe that other building methods would be very hard pressed to meet all of these requirements as easily as PolySteel.

Affordable homes schemes. PolySteel have been involved with schemes around the world where a countries progress is demanding better housing is a priority to its growth or where natural disasters have made many homeless or where local governments have a responsibility under a particular directive. Usually these schemes involve quite a few homes where we can help with economies of scale at getting the very best deal possible.

Hotels, sheltered accommodation and schools. As with other customers but particularly with these the capital cost of providing premises can easily be less of a priority than the revenue needed to heat and run those same premises. PolySteel using concrete ensures long term durability for less on going maintenance costs and significantly reduced heating and cooling costs due to the highly effective thermal envelope and much reduced air leakage (draughts).

Responsibility to the environment. Building materials are very important, so much that PolySteel are up amongst the very highest building methods credited with being able to take us into the next century by meeting or exceeding environmental requirements. Do not forget, however, that PolySteel when compared with some other building methods can save hundreds of times more energy than that which was required to produce the materials to build the home in the first place.

The less fortunate. Even with our best efforts we cannot always reach the people that need us most due to factors outside of our influence or control. Mindful of this we hope to address this in a small way by regularly giving donations and / or real physical support to charitable events or functions. Over the last three years we have actively supported HCPT, LINC, and Winstones Wish with one or more of the team participating in sponsored walks, runs or bike rides.