About PolySteel UK

PolySteel UK Limited was formed in 2005 to manufacture and supply insulating concrete forms (ICF's). Our Head Office is in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, with our manufacturing facilities based in Northampton, England and Livingston, Scotland. We are therefore ideally placed to respond to our customers needs for new residential or commercial building across the UK and beyond.

PolySteel UK Limited is a British company which chose PolySteel, as it provided the best benefits and service we believe of any ICF in the world.

Building on American PolySteel's 30 years of experience, PolySteel UK can now offer not only an ICF product which uniquely features steel ties and furring strips in the majority of their forms, which is for inherent strength and durability, but also through our support team give you help and technical advice on every aspect of your project from initial design to your final choice of finish.

We have been producing quality ICF's from our Northampton factory since 2006, when in March 2008 we decided to open a second factory, which is based in Livingstone, Scotland. We decided that it was important to service our customers in the North and at the same time be able to lower the carbon footprint for them we are the only ICF manufacturer in the UK with 2 factories. See our factory video by clicking on the link http://www.scafoamproducts.co.uk/foamcomp/icfs.htm

The unique design of PolySteel provides the strength, fire resistance, and dimensional stability required for any new building. So whatever you are considering building PolySteel can offer a greater choice and flexibility to anyone considering construction of a house, commercial unit or an external retaining wall. See a brief two minute presentation on youtube by clicking on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScaHWBKIabQ

The Grown up Building Block

PolySteel UK have the expertise, drive and enthusiasm to make Insulating Concrete Forms the preferred build method for all new residential and commercial projects. Although we are a small team you can expect outstanding personal customer service as we continue our research across many areas so that we are in a position to give added value and support to all our customers.