Waterproofing and Basement Construction

PolySteel WARMERWALL is perfect for constructing that extra subterranean space to meet the needs of your life style. A basement can be more or less than the footprint of your existing or planned superstructure and is much less of an issue with planning, whilst maximising the space available to you.

The versatility of the PolySteel WARMERWALL system will enable your installer to create a super strong, super insulated substructure which has been proved over many decades.

The importance of waterproofing your basement is second only to its strength in helping to provide that “use for anything” space. When expecting any latent defects warrantee company (NHBC, LABC, Homebond, Zurich, Building Life Plans etc) to accept risk on your basement build and that it is fit for purpose it is only fair to include them at the earliest stages to ensure that the waterproofing method chosen is acceptable to them. Your latent defects warrantee company are well within their rights to refuse cover if they are not included in the choice of waterproofing at the very beginning, before it is installed.

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Waterproof Companies

PolySteel recommends that you employ a waterproofing expert installer who will supply the BBA or BRE approved waterproofing products and will give an insurance backed guarantee. Involve your latent defects warrantee provider (LABC, NHBC, Premier, Home bond, BLP etc) at the earliest stage to ensure that they will accept the system you have chosen to go with.

Contact us to find out a selection of waterproofing installers or waterproof products that have been used successfully to protect basements built