Warmerwall - Zero U Value Experiment

In recent experiments conducted at the “National Physical Laboratory” a PolySteel wall demonstrated very vividly the power of “Thermal Storage” in its standard high mass wall compared to brick and block or timber frame of a similar “U” value.

It was found that the time lag of a minimum temperature on the outside of a PolySteel wall to the minimum temperature on the inside of the same wall (the time it takes for the cold to get through the wall) was 27 hours compared to 2.5 hours with a timber wall and 9 hours with a brick and block wall. It was also found that the inner core of a PolySteel wall adopts an almost constant temperature of 16deg C after a week or two of being part of a heated house. The inner core of a brick and block wall would vary by more than 6deg C and a timber wall even more at around 9deg C. The temperature changes on the cold side of the wall echoed typical temperature differences between night and day over a 120hr test period.

PolySteel receive many calls from people wishing to do the right thing by wanting a wall which has a very low “U” value to conserve that very important and expensive commodity ENERGY. There are of course some considerations. For instance, what is the lifetime cost of the extra insulation and the space it takes up against future energy savings, what is the environmental cost of producing and transporting the extra insulation, do I want extra insulation or do I just want to be comfortable?

Taking this information, PolySteel are experimenting with heating the inner core of a PolySteel wall to a temperature which is the same as the comfort temperature required inside the house. With no temperature difference between the habitable space and the wall core we have then created a wall where no heat loss can occur (zero “U” value).

Research has been conducted over the last two years and is now being trialled in an actual house wall with a number of devises to record the results. The project is being monitored by a local University with the data being available once testing is complete. The walls ware heated by electrical wire / tape which will ultimately be fed from a small array of PV panels which will meet the requirements of “FIT”

PolySteel WARMERWALL are cautiously optimistic that should the concept prove to be workable it will present tremendous opportunity and possibly a paradigm shift in how to provide comfortable homes into the next century.