Solar Panels

Solar Panels ...... Free, no obiligation, full on site survey available for homes in and around the Gloucestershire area.

What are the benefits of installing Solar PV on your property?

  • Through a Government grant (guaranteed for 20 years) you will get paid for every unit of energy you produce tax free
  • Your energy bills will be considerably reduced
  • You will also get paid for exporting energy to the national grid
  • You possitively help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint
  • The enhancement may indeed add value to your property and make it more saleable
  • It is usual to see a very good return on your capital (return on investment) in the region of 8.5% (subject to survey)

Why use this installation team?

  • They are local and established professionals, full insured and trained to the exacting standards of MCS and REAv with many successful installations already earning money for satisfied clients
  • Because they are accredited to the Goverment Scheme, it will not be necessary to employ a seperate commissioning engineer or energy assessor
  • They offer a free full site survey prior to quoting and beginning the installation to ensure that it meets your needs
  • Prices are very competitive with a solution to meet with most pockets
Peak output(KWp) Number of panels Estimate of energy generated (KWH/yr) Annual feed in tariff return (FIT) £0.154 Annual Export tariff £0.045 Deemed export @ 50% of generated Estimated annual income excluding savings on electricity used Total cost of installation VAT on top at 5% Return on your investment(ROI)
2 8 1824.1 £280.91 £41.04 £321.94 £4,150.00 7.76%
2.5 10 2280.12 £351.13 £51.30 £402.43 £5,300.00 7.59%
3 12 2736.15 £421.36 £61.56 £482.92 £5,200.00 9.29%
3.5 14 3192.17 £491.59 £71.82 £563.41 £5,625.00 10.02%
4 16 3648.2 £561.82 £82.08 £643.41 £6,300.00 10.21%

All calculations are based on 250watt Solar Photo Voltaic modules installed on a roof facing due south. The performance of the modules is impossible to predict with certainty due to several factors, including pitch of roof, shading, solar radiation received from the sun etc. The estimate of performance above is based on the Government Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for energy rating of buildings and is given as guidance only. It should not be considered as a guarantee of performance. Review date 1/3/13 next review date 1/4/13.

Based on silver surround modules (panels) black may be available, check availability.

0.85 x kwh x shading factor x orientation……. Feed in Tariff = kwh/yr x 15.4p…. Export Tariff = kwh/yr x 4.5p

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*Surveys at present only available for Gloucestershire and its surrounding counties